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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I was born in 1954. My first photographical memories are associated with my father´s dark room where I used to sit and look at him enlarging pictures. He taught me technical and composition basics and was my first critic.

tomas.jpg I started photography when I was at highschool, but I got more serious about it when I was studying at university. In 1979 I became a member of Semily photoclub. I was using all types of cameras, my father´s Exakta Varex 1000, various types of Prakticas, analogue Nikons and Minolta. In 1987 I stopped photography because I didn´t have enough time for it. I started again when I bought digital HP 720 which I still have. I found my way back to the photoclub again and dedicated my free time to photography. In 2004 I bought Olympus E300 and have been using it since then. I began to read technical literature and had to catch up with the inovations in photographical software.

My favourite is scenic detail photography and the detail itself. Recently I´ve liked macrophotography. In general I like to photography anything that catches my eye.

Two years ago I created thread "How do you photography scenic detail?" We are now closing its third part and I will certainly create a new one. I really enjoy this activity because there is a group of nice people without camera brand difference, both beginners and experienced photographers. We discuss, advise each other and evaluate pictures verbally, without any points, emotions and Top categories etc.

I´ve enjoyed Olympus Friends site lately. It´s a free association of people using Olympus cameras. We have created a gallery and people contributing are evaluating pictures also only verbally without any points. Have a look, if you are interested.

Here on my website I show you my photos with short comments.

Thank you for having a look and I´ll be very glad if you comment my photos and leave a note in my Guest book .

Tomáš Hyka

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